Tips From an Expat

I have been an expat as a student first, then as an employee, afterward, as a spouse of a French citizen and then finally, as a spouse of a French expatriate. I have had more "homes" in my life than dresses. The size of these accommodations ranged from 9 square meter rooms to a 120 square meter house. I moved countries with a suitcase and with a 20 cubic meter container. My life is that of a nomad with about 3-year long stay-overs.  I guess I have a lot to share about expatriation. 

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Marina Expat Chameleon

Who am I?


My name is Marina. It was my dream that became a reality - not only to travel to, but to live in different countries embracing their language, culture and traditions. My goal is to tell you about adapting to different countries, cultures and mentalities.