Parisian Dream

Paris used to be my dream,  my love at first sight. Since the moment I came to this city, I told myself, one day I will learn French and will live in this city. The road to this dream was not easy, but I finally managed to accomplish it and settled down in the French Capital for four years (the first time for 1 year and the second time for 3 years). Here I lived as a student and later in a family of three.  During this time I changed 6 apartments and 3 jobs. I think I cherished my relationships with this city so much that it was just the right time to leave... before I fell out of love. Here I share with you my stories colored in unique Parisian grey. 

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Marina Expat Chameleon

Who am I?


My name is Marina. It was my dream that became a reality - not only to travel to, but to live in different countries embracing their language, culture and traditions. My goal is to tell you about adapting to different countries, cultures and mentalities.