A little bit about me

Hi everyone! My name is Marina. Native Russian, I grew up in Moscow where I studied International Relations dreaming to be able not only to travel but to live in different countries.


It has been eleven years now that I left Russia. Since then, I have lived across 3 continents and 5 countries, in big megalopolises and in small towns, surrounded by desert and in the middle of the lagoon. I left Russia with just one suitcase and now I'm married to a French guy and we have 2 bi-cultural and bi-lingual children.


Every time we move, I think it was the last one - so hard and demanding it is! But it is also a kind of a drug that you get dependent on. You can't resist it, but you can adapt to it. Having  lived in Uppsala (Sweden), London, Dubai, Paris, Mayotte and now French Guiana has taught me to acclimate to almost any kid of environment and to constantly reinvent myself.

I studied International Relations, then converted into a luxury marketeer to then find myself as an English teacher at a secondary school. Even I myself don't know what is next, but I'll definitely adapt.

Portrait of Marina Chaff - Marina Expat Chameleon

What I like

Beautiful things, nature, simple pleasures, easy people, those who dare, discovering, yoga, writing and reading, getting lost in a new city, good food, tea...

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What I don't like

Getting lost without such an intention, conflicts, bad organisation, superficial people, lies, bad coffee....

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